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Types of Logo and How to use them

1. Letter Mark

2. Word Mark

3. Pictoral Mark

4. Abtract Logo

5. Mascot

6. Combination Mark

7. Emblem


Let us discuss these one by one. 

1. Letter mark is used when you have long business name and you want to form abbreviation from it. Ex. IBM, HBO, NASA


2. Word Mark is used when you have to give focus on business name alone. Usually font for name is opted unique and name is written in unique style. Ex. VISA, CocaCola, Google


3. Pictoral Mark is used when you want to have use a symbol as your company name. This should be used later in business when your name is popular, you can substitute your name with pictoral mark. For Ex. Apple, Twitter, Pinterest, Nike


4. Abstract Logo can be developed along with name, logo can be synonymous with business services, This is most popular type of logo small and new business owners prefer. Ex. Pepsi, Adidas


5. Mascot involves illustration spokesperson for your brand and can be used when you want to attract customers with your spokesperson. Ex. McDonalds, KFC etc.


6. Combination Mark involves combines many forms of above discussed logos. Ex. BurgerKing


7. Emblem logo consist of Font inside logo as a badge or icon. Emblem kind of logo is preferred by many Public or Educational institutes as its gives a traditional look to your business.