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8 Website Design Guidelines for an Exceptional User Experience

Here are things which you can look for creating an amazing website.

1. Simplicity: Adding uncessary design elements to your website will make itharder for user to accomplish their actions. So make design simple with colors,typefaces, graphics etc.

2. ContentHierarchy: Develop the content hierarchy as Primary Content, Secondary Content,Tertiary Content. Make call for action dominantly visible like Book Now, DonateNow, Download Now etc.

3. NavigationFriendly: Such sites often become successful which gives user better navigationpreferences through site, suggestions on the page and content can definitelyhold the user on your web page. You can also write helpful content which user mightbe interested in.

4. Consistency: Make sure the site is consistent with its look and feel across all pages. Deviationin consistency may lead to negative sentiment from user.

5. Accessibility: These days accessibility is most important aspect of website. It should beaccessible from Mobile, Desktop, Smart TV, Laptop, Tablets effectively. Consistencyin accessibility is very crucial.

6. Conventional: Red color in signal suggests you to stop across the globe. Likewise there aresome conventions which user is so accustomed with, never try to change it.

7. Credibility: Ultimately, you design website toestablish your credibility in the business, One of the best way is to be clear andhonest about your products and services, Never claim something your product orservices does not offer. It takes years to build reputation and a single day toruin it.

8. User Centric: Be in a user shoes while designing website, You can create different UserPersonas as a Part of UI UX experimentation. But always put user in centre.

9. Content is king: Finally, Content what you put on website is the most importantthing, SEO, Google Ranking are primarily based on content of your site. TheAlgorithms also mine your content and rank it according to your content writingskills. Invest quality time in preparing Good, Original Content.